Why Use High Pass Filters?

HPF & Vocals

Using a HPF properly can be one of the best things you can do for your vocal mix.

One of the most common things we encounter at events that have live audio is excessive amounts of bass where it shouldn’t be.

This leads to wind noise, popping and low intelligibility. Specifically with vocals, but in other areas as well.

Most mixers, even on some of the less expensive models have some kind of a low frequency roll off or a high pass filter (HPF) switch. More sophisticated analog and all digital mixers have a variable frequency high pass filter.

What is a HPF and why and where would it be utilized?

The HPF is a very simple tool that “filters” out a range of frequencies below a selected frequency.

The most common HPF frequencies are 75 Hz and 100 Hz for fixed filters. Variable can be from 20 to 20,000 Hz on some higher end analog and most digital consoles.

The switch location is generally next to the input gain adjust on analog consoles and in various locations on digital consoles.

When should it be used?

We use it on every vocal channel and set it between 150 Hz to 300 Hz as a starting point. The human voice is very complex so there is no magical setting that works on everyone equally.

Why is it used?

For vocals there is little to no useful information below 100 Hz


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